Shooting Complex Competitions

Competition Overview

As many of you have learned MKM Precision was formerly known as Rockland Precision and we are located in NW Pennsylvania.  We will be hosting 8 PRS 1-day Regional Points series matches between our facility in PA and Thunder Valley Precision in Ohio.  

We will also play host to the PRS NE Regional Series Finale, as well as the NE Regional Rimfire Finale.  In April we will host the PETERSON CARTRIDGE CHALLENGE, a two day PRS Pro-Series point match that will boast 18 completely different stages.  No location or prop will be repeated.  In June we will host the VORTEX VENGEANCE, a 2-day PRS Pro-Series QUALIFIER Match. 

 This match will consist of 20 completely different stages.  Matches will be shot from each of our 3 ranges and will see target engagements to 1105 yards.  Shooters can expect to see a fun mix of positional, prone, and modified shooting on the stages.  Our 631 yard mover will also be in action for all matches.  

Please check out the details and register for the 3 open matches on our schedule below.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the range!



March 13, 2021 1-day PRS Regional Series Points Match 255 North Kent Rd. Kennerdell, Pa 16374

Peterson Cartridge Challenge @ MKM PRECISION

April 17-18, 2021 2-day PRS PRO-Series Points Match 18 simultaneous stages 255 North Kent Rd. Kennerdell, Pa 16374

Vortex Vengeance @ MKM PRECISION

June 19-20, 2021 2-day PRS PRO-Series Qualifier Match 20 Simultaneous Stages 255 North Kent Rd. Kennerdell, Pa 16374